How do you clean a shingle roof?

To clean a shingle roof, it has to be done with chemicals. The shingles acts has the water proofing so if you pressure wash a shingle roof, you can and will damage the waterproofing. We use a chemical process and lightly rinse the chemicals off using the same amount of pressure as your home's water hose causing no damage to your roofing system.

How do you clean a barrel tile roof?

To clean a barrel tile roof, we spray chemicals in order to kill the mold and then we pressure wash the roof using surface cleaners floating above tiles to prevent any damage. Using min 3500psi to remove mold and grim.

How do you remove sprinkler stains?

We use a specific acid to remove the rust stains from the well water and lightly rinse with water not damaging any of the original paint.

How do you remove grease stains from driveway?

First spot treat the stain using commercial grade degreaser, then using a min 3500 psi and hot water of a temperature above 200 degrees pressure wash stain.

How to clean wood fence?

To clean a wood fence we use a chemical wash to remove and kill mildew. Then we lightly pressure wash using around 2500 psi so the machine does not mark the wood panels.

How do you clean an Awing?

We use chemicals and light pressure so no damage is done to awning.

How do you clean a paver driveway?

We use a min of 3500psi pressure washer and a surface cleaner so you do not remove sand from pavers leaving new.

Can you pressure wash Travertine tile?

Yes you can by using special formulated chemicals and very light pressure max 2500 psi.

Will pressure washing damage my house paint?

Pressure washing can damage your house paint if you are not careful. By spraying your home with eco friendly chemicals first and then rising off walls using lighter pressure will prevent paint from being damaged.

Will pressure washing prevent dirt from not coming back?

The short answer is No, pressure washing will not prevent surfaces from getting dirty again. The machinery we use is commercial grade, allowing a deeper clean then the average machine you can buy from your local hardware store. This will leave surfaces cleaner for more then a period of 6 months.

Can I pressure wash my tennis court with out ruining the finish?

Tennis courts and basketball courts, have a very delicate surface, we clean tennis courts and basketball courts by using special formulated chemicals. We then lower our pressure to a max of 2500psi using a surface cleaner to rinse.

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